Something Cool: Oil Painter, Mariella Angela


Photo Credit: Mariella Angela

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Falling in love with a hobby isn’t hard to do, but turning that hobby into a career takes times, patience and persistence. In 2013, artist Mariella Angela decided to turn her hobby into a full time career when she picked up a brush and started oil painting. Earlier this year, the 20 year old exhibited her work in a series of 21 paintings and has received rave reviews for artistry.

I never intended to ever take painting seriously, and it didn’t happen over night. It started as a past-time to kill boredom, became a hobby and along the way I fell in love with it to where I decided to pursue it as a career. But [and I won’t deny this] social media did come to play where I felt this type of obligation to paint what people requested, and while I’m glad that happened, it made my vision foggy for a while – Mariella Angela on her series, TwentyOne


By following her instincts, Mariella discovered more than she thought she would. This is inspiration to take that hobby to another level. Visit her website for more information on her artistic journey and additional paintings.



{Inspirational}: Manage Success & Negativity Like Drake


Photo Credit: Vibe Magazine

Late Tuesday night, Twitter erupted with retweets from Meek Mill, who ranted about Drake’s inability to write his own lyrics and other issues within the music industry. As the Twitter-verse conversed about that topic, I went on a search to determine what sparked the tirade. I was unable to come up with a valid reason, but I did come across something positive and interesting Drake said during his Sprite “Obey Your Thirst” documentary. He gives a couple of great quotables on success and battling negativity, which correlate perfectly with this current situation. Continue reading

{Inspirational}: Finding Opportunity In The Midst of Opposition

Here we are in the middle of another week and for most, an inspirational word is desperately needed. That mid-week drab leaves us feeling exhausted and mentally drained. But, as I write this, the word push comes to mind. This, in particular, holds true to those who have dreams and goals that they would like to accomplish. Instead of pushing through, though, we often let the adversities of life get in the way. With cloudy judgement and a weary spirit, these aspirations seemingly appear unobtainable. This, however, is the ideal time to push. When we do begin to push, we’re often met with more opposition than we’d like to carry, but this is the perfect time to seek opportunity. It’s hard to believe that opportunity can be found within opposing situations, but it is possible. To see opportunity, we have to push past the clutter or be pushed by opportunity to work harder and into our destiny. Continue reading

{Editorial}: The Beauty of Rapsody’s “Complexion” Verse From TPAB


One feature that I was really excited to see on To Pimp A Butterfly was NC female MC, Rapsody. Her music has a very poetic vibe as does the album, so what better artist to have chosen to compliment its style. Not to mention that Rap deserved some major shine. And ironically, on her 2013 mixtape, She’s Got Game, DJ Drama can be heard screaming, ” Footnote! Kendrick ain’t mention no females!” This of course, was in reference to Kendrick’s “Control” verse. She may not have gotten a shout out on the verse heard around the world, but she did get an album feature. That was the ultimate sign of respect. Continue reading

{Interview}: J.Cole’s Ambitious Pursuit For Life (Interview with Tavis Smiley)

Photo Credit: Todd Cooper  for Eugene Weekly


There’s a quote that goes, “A job you can quit, a dream you can give up on, but a calling will chase you forever.” This was a thought that came to mind when watching Tavis Smiley interview J.Cole for PBS. He mentioned that his overall objective when crafting a song is the desire to create content that is thematic with a strong message.

Continue reading

{Interview}: 2Pac’s Prophecy In A Rare 1994 Interview



Tupac – The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Xaviar Payne

By now you’ve probably listened to Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly more than 6 times from front to back. If not, you’re missing out on some enlightening content. The album came one week early, notably on the 20th anniversary of 2Pac’s 3rd studio release, Me Against The World. 

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