Something Cool: Oil Painter, Mariella Angela


Photo Credit: Mariella Angela

‘Something Cool’ is a weekly column that focuses on creative content and cool people around the web within the art and entertainment field. 


Falling in love with a hobby isn’t hard to do, but turning that hobby into a career takes times, patience and persistence. In 2013, artist Mariella Angela decided to turn her hobby into a full time career when she picked up a brush and started oil painting. Earlier this year, the 20 year old exhibited her work in a series of 21 paintings and has received rave reviews for artistry.

I never intended to ever take painting seriously, and it didn’t happen over night. It started as a past-time to kill boredom, became a hobby and along the way I fell in love with it to where I decided to pursue it as a career. But [and I won’t deny this] social media did come to play where I felt this type of obligation to paint what people requested, and while I’m glad that happened, it made my vision foggy for a while – Mariella Angela on her series, TwentyOne


By following her instincts, Mariella discovered more than she thought she would. This is inspiration to take that hobby to another level. Visit her website for more information on her artistic journey and additional paintings.



2013 ONE Musicfest, Atlanta, GA (Photo Review)

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.28.03 PM

Photo Credit: 2013 ONE Music Fest


It’s almost time for the 2014 ONE Musicfest and this year, I plan on being in attendance. For Throw Back Thursday, I thought it would be a great idea to share some photo’s that I shot for the 2013 festival, as well as a review written for Song Kick of Joey Bada$$’s performance. Haven’t gotten your ticket yet? Visit!

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CNN ‘Fresh Dressed’, Fashion In Hip-Hop Culture


CNN‘s noteworthy broadcast film, Fresh Dressed, is a must watch for the fashionable and hip-hop enthusiasts alike. The documentary explores the stylistic impact of fashion within the hip-hop culture and the growth of urban fashion brands. The entrepreneurial endeavors of  Carl Thomas, the creator of Cross Colours and Karl Kani, spun the popularity of many other hip-hop labels such as FUBU and Sean John. Cross Colours, the first of many thereafter, were the epitome of the styles we love to reference now, which were displayed on shows such as In Living Color and The Fresh Prince.


Photo Credit: CNN “Fresh Dressed”/ Will Smith in Cross Colours


Photo Credit: Karl Kani and Aaliyah

LL Cool J’s 1999 FUBU Commercial


The struggle that most urban wear faced was the ever-changing direction in style of the fashion industry. But what fashion looked as a a “fad” was what the urban society looked at as culture. It’s interesting to note how the most prevalent designers made a way for their art to be seen. Explore the ups, downs and cultural influence of hip-hop fashion in CNN’s Fresh Dressed.



What urban hip-hop brand would you love to see make a comeback?


Something Cool: Photographer, Janette Beckman


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

‘Something Cool’ is a weekly column that focuses on creative content and cool people around the web within the art and entertainment field. 


Capturing hip-hop from its beginning phases was probably an experience like no other. Whether it was witnessed through a purchased album, a radio interview or analog photography, it’s a one time account that is unique to each person who encountered it. Janette Beckman was a witness to those beginning times and her story is told through her photography lens, having captured the movement from 1982 until 1990. Janette’s subject matter include artists such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, N.W.A. and A Tribe Called Quest. Revisit the beginning of a legacy through Janette Beckman’s lens and enjoy more from her portfolio.


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

ll cool j

Photo Credit: Janette Beckman


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman


Photo Credit: Janette Beckman



Dig in your stash and share some of your #OldSchoolHipHop photos!


New Photographer On The Block, Lucas Creighton

Photo Credit: Lucas Creighton

Photo Credit: Lucas Creighton

Something Cool is a weekly column that focuses on creative content and cool people around the web within the art and entertainment field. 


In this day and age, everyone who has some type of social media presence is a photographer. If you’ve ever missed a popular concert, you’re bound to see countless photographs of music artists on Instagram, layered in pre-made filters. Occasionally, you’ll find the type of eye catching photography that has something special. 18 year old Lucas Creighton is that photographer that has an x factor quality.  Continue reading

{Something Cool}: A Polaroid Story


Photo Credit: Elisabeth Ouni

Something Cool is a weekly column that focuses on creative content and cool people around the web within the art and entertainment field. 

For Something Cool this week, I chose Elisabeth Ouni’s A Polaroid Story. I’ve actually been following Elisabeth for a while and the coolest story to me was  one in which she featured Kendrick Lamar . I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled upon it, but I did and I sifted through all the cool polaroids she’s taken of other musicians. She’s photographed some of music’s iconic musicians such as The Roots and Pharrell along with new comers such as Tinashe and Joey BadA$$.

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{Something Cool}: Artist Sue Tsai

Instagram: @Suetsai


If you aren’t already familiar with Sue Tsai’s work, this post is for you. I first became aware of her artistry when Wale released his “Bad” single featuring Tiara Thomas. The single was to promote his 2013 album, The Gifted. The song was intriguing, the cover art made it memorable. It was different, but different in a cool way. Continue reading