CNN ‘Fresh Dressed’, Fashion In Hip-Hop Culture


CNN‘s noteworthy broadcast film, Fresh Dressed, is a must watch for the fashionable and hip-hop enthusiasts alike. The documentary explores the stylistic impact of fashion within the hip-hop culture and the growth of urban fashion brands. The entrepreneurial endeavors of  Carl Thomas, the creator of Cross Colours and Karl Kani, spun the popularity of many other hip-hop labels such as FUBU and Sean John. Cross Colours, the first of many thereafter, were the epitome of the styles we love to reference now, which were displayed on shows such as In Living Color and The Fresh Prince.


Photo Credit: CNN “Fresh Dressed”/ Will Smith in Cross Colours


Photo Credit: Karl Kani and Aaliyah

LL Cool J’s 1999 FUBU Commercial


The struggle that most urban wear faced was the ever-changing direction in style of the fashion industry. But what fashion looked as a a “fad” was what the urban society looked at as culture. It’s interesting to note how the most prevalent designers made a way for their art to be seen. Explore the ups, downs and cultural influence of hip-hop fashion in CNN’s Fresh Dressed.



What urban hip-hop brand would you love to see make a comeback?



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